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Dr B. V. Raman founded in 1984 Indian Council of Astrological Studies (ICAS), a premier institution of teaching Vedic Astrology.

Dr Raman was a charismatic figure. He charmed his audience – both who learnt from him and those who consulted him, with his extraordinary insights into the movement of planets and human mind, individually and collectively. This volume is in response to the continuing requests of readers of both the The Astrological Magazine and its successor Modern Astrology to make available to the astrology community the brilliant editorials of Dr. Raman covering mundane forecasts of events, made well in advance, of the Second World War, India’s Independence and other events that changed the course of history of the world.

This book presents Dr. Raman’s editorials on world affairs which he wrote for 68 years. These editorials are a hallmark of his deep knowledge and incisive logic. Through his editorials in The Astrological Magazine (1936–2007), he indicated the likely outcome of national and international events in the near future. He had successfully predicted the fall and violent death of Hitler. In his editorials, there were clear hints about Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination, and 1962 Chinese aggression, etc. His words were not mere statements but a forceful push of forewarning and advice, which if heeded by the political masters of the time, would have changed the course of gory history around the time of Indian independence and after.

The book carries Tables, along with the astrological reasons, for 110 amazing mundane forecasts of Dr. Raman, made much before their occurrence and provide invaluable data to the research-oriented student of astrology.